Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Little Flower Farm Company?
The Little Flower Farm Co. (TLFF) is an environmentally friendly flower farm “start-up” located in Hopkinton, Mass. Established in 2015, we provide high-quality,beautiful and long-lasting fresh-cut flowers from farm to vase to local customers.

Where can I purchase your flowers?
 Currently, our beautiful bouquets can be purchased at one of our conveniently located “honor system” stands at which customers pay what they owe. Two locations will open June 15: Hopkinton Recycle Center, Rt. 135 in Hopkinton and 77 Main St., Northborough. Others will be added and announced on our Facebook page.

How are your locally grown flowers different from imported ones?
Grown without pesticides, our fresh-cut flowers are a safe and unique alternative and come in a greater number of pleasing varieties that are not widely available from importers because they do not hold up in long-distance shipping. In addition, locally grown flowers last up to 7-to-10 days longer and are a lot more fragrant. You have to experience the quality, fragrance, and vase life to see the difference!

Which kinds of flowers can I expect to get in my TLFF bouquet?
Purchasing from a seasonal flower farm, you will get any number of gorgeous combinations from the garden created on certain days that are different all the time — but always guaranteed fresh, fragrant and beautiful. (Check out our Flower Gallery page on web site for an exact listing.)

What is your Flower Share program and its benefits to customers?
In our Flower Share program, customers pay a lump sum before the growing season begins which helps support farm production and in return, they get a “share” of whatever flowers are harvested each week. That means you will receive a deluxe-size bouquet all season long — at a better price than if you purchased at retail.

How can I purchase my Flower Share?
You can purchase either a 12-week Flower Share option for $300 or a 6-week for $150 by filling out the form found on The Little Flower Farm Co. Facebook page (click on picture to print) or send us an e-mail at thelittleflowerfarmco@gmail.com.

When does the Flower Share start?
We expect our growing season to be well underway by June 15 and continue straight through October 15 barring no unforeseen weather issues.

How will my Flower Share order be packaged and when can I pick them up?
Your weekly order of a beautiful, natural-style deluxe-size bouquet will come expertly wrapped in craft paper. Pick up will be at the Hopkinton Recycle Center on Rt. 135, Wednesdays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m. to noon. You pick whatever day is most convenient for you and we will have them ready.

What if I miss a pick up time for my Flower Share?
If the regular pick-up times do not work for you, simply send us an e-mail to let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you with another time.

Do you ship flowers?
No, not at this time but we are exploring the option.  E-mail for more info.

Can I visit the farm?
Currently our farm is closed to the public.

Any other questions?
Please email Sarah or Joy at thelittleflowerfarmco@gmail.co.